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​Infusion Nurses Society


Dear INS Member, 

As your advocate, INS is well aware of the challenges you face in providing quality nursing care today. We realize that your nursing practice has changed dramatically over the last several years and that it continues to change today. 

Many of the changes have increased your personal exposure to an allegation of negligence. And, whether or not the allegation is valid - you need to be able to protect yourself, your license and your family from the financial consequences of a lawsuit.

To address this issue, INS has endorsed the professional liability insurance program offered through Nurses Service Organization (NSO). We have found that the professional liability insurance product NSO offers is affordable and extensive. 

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with the protection a professional liability insurance policy provides. Over 650,000 of your nurse colleagues have already put their trust in the Professional Liability Insurance program offered through NSO!


Mary C. Alexander

Chief Executive Officer

Infusion Nurses Society

Click here for details on the professional liability insurance offered through NSO. ​


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