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Dear NACNS Member, 

In our efforts to provide our members with valuable products, the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) has aligned with Nurses Service Organization (NSO) to offer professional liability insurance for our members. With the constant increase in litigation, it is becoming more and more important to take steps to protect yourself and secure your financial well-being. 

NACNS has selected to endorse NSO to offer our members professional liability insurance for several reasons. NSO is the leading provider of professional liability insurance for nursing professionals. NSO insures over 650,000 nursing professionals – including more than 25,000 advanced practice nurses. They have a strong reputation in the professional liability insurance industry and offer competitive pricing.

NSO has been researching the roles and responsibilities of the CNS with and without prescriptive authority in order to best position this profession and recommend a premium rate appropriate to the risks. As such, NSO is working with its partner carrier to be able to offer CNS rates commensurate with their respective risk exposure. The rates will be specific to Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Currently, Clinical Nurse Specialists who apply for coverage with NSO will be rated in one of two existing categories. CNSs who do not have prescriptive authority will be insured at the RN category. Those who have prescriptive authority will be insured in the Nurse Practitioner category. The certificate of insurance will reflect one of these two categories.

At this time, when you apply for coverage through NSO and need your certificate to specify that you are a Clinical Nurse Specialist, you can call and request NSO to add Clinical Nurse Specialist to your certificate of insurance. This is a system process that NSO is working to amend, but for now, NSO is unable to automatically show Clinical Nurse Specialist on the Certificate of Insurance.

NSO has gained the confidence and support of over 25 national, state, and specialty nursing associations who endorse NSO exclusively. NSO also provides excellent service with a team of knowledgeable, licensed Customer Service Representatives dedicated to serving nursing professionals.

The decision to purchase coverage is both a personal and financial choice. We are happy to partner with NSO and if you have any questions regarding your coverage, their staff of trained, licensed customer service representatives is ready to help. Please click here to learn more, purchase coverage online, call 1-800-247-1500 to speak with a customer service representative, or send your request via e-mail to

Thank you for being a member of NACNS.


Christine Filipovich, CEO ​​


Call 1-800-247-1500

Mon – Fri, 8am – 6pm ET.