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​Educator Toolkit​


Welcome to the Nurses Service Organization (NSO) Educator Toolkit! At NSO, we support nurse educators in their efforts to empower and expand your students' knowledge to make them proficient caregivers. Because part of that education includes risk management, we've assembled the information and tools you'll find on this page to help you tackle this sometimes challenging subject. 

Here, you'll find a guide for educators. It includes PowerP​oint presentations and handouts you can use in the classroom, as well as articles, quizzes and links to sites that may be helpful to you as you plan your lessons for tomorrow's nurses. 

We will be adding features and content to the NSO Educator Toolkit, so be sure to check this page often. And to help inspire your colleagues, please feel free to Submit Your Ideas​ as well as any of your lesson plans that you would like to share. 


Tools for the Classroom 

Educator Resources

Educators are our biggest advocates. We often hear from customers that it was their instructor who told them they needed to have their own coverage. NSO is frequently contacted by educators requesting collateral for use in their classrooms. We appreciate your advocacy and want to be as helpful as we can to you. NSO has developed an Educator Program to make it easy to receive case studies, articles and claim reports to use in your classroom. The link below will take you to a registration form where you can sign up to receive legal case studies, articles, newsletters and claim studies in digital or print form.

Risk management is an integral component of any healthcare practice. Nurses Service Organization (NSO) is providing you with this Educator Toolkit so that you can use it to instruct today's nursing students on Risk Management. We encourage you to use the material in the Educator Toolkit as you prepare your risk management lesson plans in its complete format. Do not alter the material in this toolkit. Please do not to rely solely on the suggested materials included in this toolkit. It reflects general principles only. This document is not intended to represent a comprehensive study of risk management practices or potential liabilities and is not to be considered legal advice. NSO and CNA HealthPro strongly recommend consultation with an attorney regarding specific issues related to your organization's legal obligations and applicable state laws. It is further acknowledged that NSO and CNA HelthPro accept no liability from any use or reliance on this information or any of its contents.​​​


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