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General Risk Education Resources for Nursing Professionals​​​

Videos & Presentations

Whether you operate your own healthcare business or are an employed nursing professional, you require the proper tools and resources at your disposal to assist you in your practice. To help assist you in your career and pursuing your livelihood, use our general risk education resources. You will find tools and resources to help cover yourself and your business against the vulnerability to liability exposure and expensive malpractice lawsuits. Browse through our presentations, videos, and other helpful resources so you can develop your own risk management strategy.


To help you better understand the deposition process, CNA, the insurance carrier for the NSO program, has created a video, ...

View our risk management presentations so you will have the tools you need to develop your own risk management plan.

NSO's webinars are open to all healthcare professionals and allow healthcare providers to learn about risk exposures they might face in their daily...