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Preparing for a Deposition

Responding to questions in a pre-trial deposition

A nursing professional may be subject to a medical malpractice lawsuit at any time. This exposure arises through litigation in which he or she is named as a defendant or through a legal action against a healthcare facility. And while nursing professionals may not be named in a lawsuit, they may be called as a witness to respond to questions in a pre-trial deposition.

Whether a case goes to court or is settled before trial, the deposition is one of the most critical stages of litigation. It can support or hinder a successful legal defense, and is therefore critical for you to prepare for a deposition as if you are going to testify in front of a judge and jury. To help you better understand the deposition process, CNA, the insurance carrier for the NSO program, has created this video, Preparing for a Deposition.

We encourage all nursing professionals to watch this video as it may be helpful to you in the future. ​


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