Healthcare Perspective Newsletter: Issue 12 - Medical Error Disclosure.

Medical error disclosure programs are the norm in many healthcare practices.

No matter how small or specialized your healthcare organization, you should be aware of your risk profile and take appropriate measures to protect against clinical, operational and financial exposures. NSO, along with our program underwriter CNA, has created Healthcare Perspective, is a publication designed to help.


Issue 12

Medical Error Disclosure: Acknowledging Mistakes Can Help Promote Optimal Resolution​


Medical error disclosure programs are the norm in many healthcare practices, as “apology laws” proliferate, and healthcare practitioners and business owners increasingly recognize that candor represents an appropriate course of action from both an ethical and business perspective, helping to reduce lawsuits, legal expenses and judgments.


We examine:

  • Legislative and coverage considerations
  • Overcoming potential barriers to disclosure
  • Suggested strategies when responding to an event
  • Four important strategies for success:
  • Make disclosure mandatory
  • Teach staff how to apologize effectively and sincerely
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Protect staff who report incidents


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