You’re there for them. We’re here for you.

Every day, you go out there and do your job. Except it's not just a job, is it? It's vital work that asks you to always give your best. NSO insurance can help protect you and the important role you play in patient care, and always be there when you need us.

Why do you need NSO nursing malpractice insurance?

Today, nurses are more at risk for legal action than ever before. Gone are the days when doctors and hospitals were the only targets of malpractice suits.

You may think that if you're involved in a lawsuit, your employer's insurance will fully protect you. Unfortunately, that coverage may only protect your employer's interests – not yours.

Nursing malpractice insurance offers peace of mind. It works for you and no one else.

Additional resources:

  • Infographic - Medical Malpractice 101: 
    • Learn more about why nurses are sued, the most common injuries resulting in lawsuits, the average payout by injury and more in this engaging infographic.
  • Infographic - Help Protect Your Nursing License: 
    • According to the National Practitioner Data Bank, nursing professionals were on average 47 TIMES MORE likely to be involved in an adverse licensing action than a medical malpractice payment in 2020.* Understanding the process and how to help protect your license is critical to maintaining your career.


Here are some good reasons to think about NSO:

Coverage designed just for nurses
Safeguards your most valuable asset: you!
Peace of mind in case your employer's coverage not enough
Get a fast and affordable quote online

NSO: A company made just for nurses

Nurses Service Organization (NSO) is the nation's largest provider of nursing malpractice insurance, with more than 500,000 nurses insured in the program today.

We know what nurses need, because we rely on nurses to tell us what products, services and educational resources you need to stay on top of your game. In fact, our NSO Nurses Advisory Board (NAB) contains some of the smartest minds in nursing, who meet regularly to discuss and refine NSO programs and services to better support nurses throughout the country.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. (It's why we're here.)

Why do I need an individual professional liability policy? Won't my employer's insurance policy cover me?

Professional liability insurance help safeguards you against allegations of malpractice. While your employer may provide coverage for you, it may not be enough to cover you in all cases. Your employer's policy is designed to preserve the employers' needs and interests first.

I'm starting my own company. Do you have a policy that will cover my company for malpractice?

Yes. NSO offers professional liability insurance to nursing firms, providing many of the same coverages our individual program offers. Our coverage can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your firm. Get more information on our affordable liability coverage for nursing firms.

I work for several different employers. Will that affect my coverage or rate?

Not necessarily. The rate you pay is based on whether you are an individual or a business. If you're an individual, it also depends on whether you receive a W2 or 1099 tax form. Talk with a NSO representative for more information.

There are plenty more where those came from.

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NSO also offers more personal insurance options for you and your family.

Because we're committed to the health and safety of nurses everywhere.

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