Protecting nurses.
It's just what we do.

NSO's mission is to support nurses throughout your lives, not just your careers. That's why we also offer personal insurance coverage.

It only takes a few minutes to learn more and apply.

The insurance NSO makes available to you as a nurse can help protect you and your family from financial hardship, at economical rates exclusively for nursing professionals. And because we respect your time, these plans are available with no medical exam typically needed1, and most can be applied for online, whenever your schedule permits. 

Group Term Life Insurance

If your loved ones were to lose you, a cash benefit could make a big difference at a difficult time. The simple, affordable Term Life Insurance available to you through NSO lets you choose a monthly premium comfortable for you.

50 Plus Senior Group Term Life Insurance

This coverage lets you spare your loved ones the burden of someday facing your own final expenses without help. Apply for $10,000 to $100,000 of coverage to be there for them, to help pay final medical bills, funeral and burial expenses, credit cards or other debts left behind.

Group Disability Income Insurance

Your bills don’t care if you’re able to work or not – and employer-provided disability coverage might not be enough. Here’s how to be better protected.

Group Accidental Death & Dismemberment

No one needs to tell you that accidents happen. For as little as $7 a month, you can better protect your family with $100,000 coverage, or choose up to $250,000 coverage for even greater protection. Take a look at all your options.


Taking care of your teeth is good for your smile, but also incredibly important for your overall health. Check out how NSO can help you get preventive and restorative dental services plus a choice of dentists, all at lower costs.

Long-Term Care

Help protect your retirement dreams.  Long-term care coverage helps assure you of continued independence as you age – without depleting the personal assets you've worked hard to acquire.

Auto and Home Insurance

Discounted Auto and Home Insurance for NSO customers

NSO and Laurel Road have a special offer for NSO Members

Many Laurel Road borrowers have saved thousands over the life of their loans through refinancing.

Pet Insurance

Protect yourself when your pet is sick or injured with a custom pet health insurance plan

Real Estate Benefits

Save $1,440 When you Buy or Refi Your Mortgage with Guaranteed Rate*

Safe. Simple. Secure. Mortgage safely with Guaranteed Rate’s Platinum Mortgage Program.​

Learn More

Receive money back on your home sale closing

​As a NSO member, you now have access to the premiere real estate benefit in the nation. Simply contact our partner, Relocal Move, before you talk to an agent about buying or selling your home. 

RM will connect you with a professionally certified agent in your area. When the home is closed, you will receive a 20% rebate of their earned real estate commission after closing. The average in the US is currently over $1,600 per transaction side.​

Vigilance Occupational Accident Insurance

Needlesticks, sharps injuries and workplace assaults are some of the biggest occupational hazards that healthcare workers and students face every day.

1Acceptance may depend upon the answers to medical questions and truthfulness thereof.