Credibility statement


Working to protect your interests

You can always be assured of a high quality product with the NSO Insurance Program. In addition to providing superior insurance plans and excellent customer service, NSO raises the standard when it comes to peace of mind, protection and service. 

Our commitment to our customers has earned us the endorsement of state and national nursing associations and numerous leading nursing journals. We continuously seek feedback from our customers through surveys, telephone calls, internet inquiries and conventions. With this feedback we proactively work to enhance the plans and protection offered to healthcare professionals. 

This web site contains information and research from both insurance professionals and a panel of experienced nursing professionals. In addition to providing information on all of our insurance products, our site is designed to assist you in learning the circumstances that can make the healthcare provider vulnerable to litigation. This site also assists our customers in finding answers to their most frequently asked questions. We continue building a library of case law and published articles that relate to risk management and a nurse's professional license. We will continue to work to provide you with the best protection and service. Your feedback on how we can improve this web site is always welcomed.

After all, we're working to protect your interests.​