Healthcare Perspective Newsletter: Issue 14 - Telemedicine.

A valuable risk management resource that can help you manage liability in your healthcare practice.

No matter how small or specialized your healthcare organization, you should be aware of your risk profile and take appropriate measures to protect against clinical, operational and financial exposures. NSO, along with our program underwriter CNA, has created Healthcare Perspective, is a publication designed to help.


Issue 14

Telemedicine: Risk Management Issues, Strategies and Resources


Telemedicine is the practice of electronically connecting healthcare facilities and providers. It encompasses numerous methods and technologies, ranging from traditional "store-and-forward" data applications, commonly utilized in diagnostic review and interactive exams, to innovative “telepresent” methods, including robotic surgery and emergency services consultations.


We examine:

  • Security
  • Patient/client confidentiality
  • Quality improvement
  • Training
  • Informed consent


Additional resources

Self-Assessment Checklist: Telemedicine Readiness Assessment Tool

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The advent of the Internet has reshaped many areas of life, including the practice of medicine. As the virtual realm has grown, the traditional in-person encounter between healthcare provider and patient has become supplemented by telemedicine (TM), in which providers connect electronically with patients for such purposes as health screening, specialty consultation, and diagnosis and treatment of disease.