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You’ve studied hard and invested a lot of time and resources into becoming a nurse. You identify as a nurse. it’s your career. Your ability and license to practice can be taken away by a complaint. Further, one lawsuit can be financially devastating in legal fees. Help protect your investment and future by renewing.


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Nurse Practitioner Case Study:
Failure to Diagnose

Failure to diagnose is the most frequent malpractice allegation asserted against nurse practitioners. It accounts for 32.8% of all malpractice claims against nurse practitioners, according to the Nurse Practitioner Claim Report: 4th Edition. Failure to diagnose cancer and failure to diagnose infections account for 50% of failure to diagnose allegations.

Renewing in 4 Simple Steps

We’ve made it easy to renew your policy online. All you need is your policy number and zip code. And we’ve also included an autopay capability to make renewing next year even easier.

Responding to questions in a pre-trial deposition.

This video can help you be prepared.