Malpractice Insurance for Student Nurses

Just because you’re a student nurse doesn't mean you're immune from a malpractice lawsuit. If a patient decides to sue, everyone involved in the patient’s care may be named as a defendant.

Malpractice insurance for student nurses starts at only $35 a year.

That's not much, considering you're protecting your financial future and all your hard work in nursing school. You're covered 24/7!

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What is in a NSO Malpractice Insurance Policy?

Covers you, up to $1 million each claim, for amounts that you become legally obligated to pay as a result of a professional liability claim arising out of a covered medical incident. Covers you, up to $6 million annual aggregate, for all covered claims in the policy period.
Covers you up to the applicable limit for lost wages and expenses incurred when you are required to attend a trial, hearing, or proceeding as a defendant in a covered claim, subject to a $1,000 daily limit.
Covers you, up to the applicable limits of liability, against claims arising from allegations of slander, libel, assault and battery, and other alleged offenses committed in the performance of your professional services.
Provides coverage up to the applicable limit for unintentional damage you cause to someone else's property while at your personal residence or your workplace.
Reimburses expenses you incur while rendering first aid to another person. For example, these expenses may include supplies from your personal first aid kit that you used to help a victim of an automobile accident.
A patient is injured at the facility where you work. You’re not named in the lawsuit, but you receive a subpoena for testimony during the policy period. Your coverage through NSO will pay for you to be represented at the deposition by an attorney designated by the insurer.
Insures you, up to the applicable limit of liability, for amounts you’re legally obligated to pay as a result of covered claims involving acts of sexual misconduct related to professional services. (In NY, Indirect Sexual Misconduct)
This coverage reimburses you for costs to notify patients of a breach of confidential personal information in compliance with privacy protection laws. It also covers HIPAA fines and penalties that you become legally obligated to pay as a result of a covered proceeding.
With your own individual coverage, you’ll have your own defense attorney designated by the insurer to represent you in court, when necessary. Legal fees will be paid for covered claims, in addition to your liability limits – WIN OR LOSE.

Special discounts after you graduate.

Once you graduate, your NSO malpractice insurance can continue with all of the above benefits. Although the rate will go up, you'll be eligible for up to a 60% new grad discount on your first year's premium from NSO. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. (It's why we're here.)

As a student nurse, why do I need malpractice insurance?

As you move from the classroom to a clinical setting, you move to a high-risk environment. Whether you have patient contact or not, you are in a setting where problems can quickly occur. Even if you do not have patient responsibility, you could be charged as part of the health care team, and you will need to defend yourself.

Doesn't my school or hospital-provided coverage safeguard me?

Malpractice insurance from your school or healthcare facility may offer some coverage. However, there may be limits, which can leave unexpected expenses for you to pay. NSO offers plans with coverage that's more in line with today's defense costs and high court awards.

Isn't individual coverage expensive?

No. NSO coverage costs just $35 a year for student nurses for up to $1,000,000 each claim and an attorney to represent you individually, if needed. And after you graduate, you'll receive a 60% discount off the full-time rate as a first-year graduate.

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