NSO Stands with Nursing Professionals

Statement of Support for Nursing Professionals

At Nurses Service Organization (NSO), we always have—and always will—stand with nursing professionals. In light of recent news, NSO would like to reiterate our steadfast support to the nursing profession and community. We recognize the complexities and unmatched level of responsibility that come with a career in healthcare. We understand the staffing shortages, sentiments of fatigue and burnout, and unparalleled stress that nurses everywhere have experienced, particularly in the past two years during the COVID-19 pandemic. We empathize with the moments where nurses may feel that the system has let them down, despite their unwavering dedication to this lifesaving profession. 

Lastly, we also know that we’re all human, and sometimes we may make mistakes.

Yet, through all these trials and tribulations, nursing professionals have continued to deliver on their incredible mission of providing quality care to their patients. A sometimes difficult but very necessary part of providing care means disclosing errors when they occur.

Given recent events, we are concerned that nursing professionals may feel intimidated or fearful about divulging mistakes in their reporting and documentation. Additionally, we are concerned about the dismantling of just culture in the workplace—which highlights shared accountability and serves to support nurses and help them learn from their mistakes or participate in resolving system problems, not to discipline them. We urge nursing professionals to honor their commitment to patients with accuracy, honesty, and transparency. We will be there with you every step of the way. 

At NSO, our mission is to prioritize the needs of individual nursing professionals, rather than those of their employer. Relying solely on employer coverage may not be sufficient for nurses. Our individual professional liability insurance policies include protection of licensure to help safeguard your nursing career through both the good times, as well as the more difficult moments. Our malpractice coverage reflects our unyielding support to nursing professionals everywhere. 

That is why we stand with nurses, now and always.

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