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Healthcare Perspective Newsletter: Issue 15 - Transgender Patients

Bias against transgender patients is against the law.  Despite this, a national survey of transgender individuals found that 42% reported verbal harassment, physical assault or denial of equal treatment by healthcare providers because of their gender identity.

Strategies to Prevent Patient Falls and Minimize Liability

Think like an expert witness to minimize the risk of inpatient falls

An 88-year-old patient slips on the floor, falling and breaking his hip. Your immediate concern is getting him the help he needs, but another thought crosses your mind –could you be legally liable for what happened? By thinking like an expert witness, you can help determine if this concern is valid and whether you could have taken steps to prevent the patient fall in the first place. But first, you need to understand some background information.

Recruitment Tips for Meeting the Nurse Staffing Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the need for healthcare and nursing leaders to shift their approach to nurse recruitment and retention, as the exodus of nurses takes its toll on remaining staff and, in some cases, quality of care. This article, the first in a two-part series on nursing recruitment and retention, will address recruitment strategies that leaders can utilize to help attract new nurses to their organization.

Healthcare Perspective Newsletter: Issue 14 - Telemedicine.

A valuable risk management resource that can help you manage liability in your healthcare practice.

Healthcare Perspective Newsletter: Issue 13 - Adolescent Patients.

Most healthcare business owners and providers are well-versed in the requirements for consent, privacy and confidentiality in the care of adult patients/clients.

Healthcare Perspective Newsletter: Issue 14 - Telemedicine.

A valuable risk management resource that can help you manage liability in your healthcare practice.

Sample Risk Management Plan for nursing businesses and practices.

Risk management is an important part of any healthcare firm's standard business practice.

Meeting the Nurse Staffing Challenge: Retention Tips

Ensuring appropriate nurse staffing levels is key to the financial health of healthcare organizations like hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. High quality nursing care helps to reduce the likelihood of patients safety events and costly medical malpractice lawsuits related to missed errors. The second of a two-part series, this article addresses effective retention strategies that leaders can utilize to help reduce turnover of nursing staff.

Healthcare Perspective Newsletter: Issue 12 - Medical Error Disclosure.

Medical error disclosure programs are the norm in many healthcare practices.

Nurse Practitioner Claim Report: 4th Edition - A Guide to Identifying and Addressing Professional Liability Exposures

This Nurse Practitioner Claim Report released by NSO and CNA, reports that the average cost to defend a malpractice lawsuit against a nurse practitioner is $60,034.   

Test Your Liability IQ: Top Reasons Nurses Get Sued

This webinar explores indemnity and expense payments for professional liability claims on behalf of nurses, RN, LPN and LVNs, insured under the CNA/NSO program during the most recent five-year period, 2011-2015.

Responding to questions in a pre-trial deposition.

This video can help you be prepared.